The United Kingdom of Earth


Written and directed by Dominic Robertson

Centre for Contemporary Art, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

Thursday 7th September 2017, 8pm (doors 7:30pm) Tickets: £9 (£7) CCA box office

In a not too distant future an isolated Britain survives on an otherwise scorched earth, saved from nuclear misunderstandings by Brexit. “The United Kingdom of Earth” is a science-fiction vision of “an island in the moon”, adrift on shared history and past glories, visions of empire and sightings of rabbits on the copse.

Utopia or dystopia? Either way, something is bubbling under the civilised surface of day to day life, and there doesn’t seem to be anything anybody can do to stop it.

And the earth itself? It’s flat!

“The United Kingdom of Earth” is presented with a cast of local people wherever it goes. A large scale community play with songs, music, Morris dancing, marching, a dash of Christmas, and a special appearance by Her Majesty the Queen.

“The United Kingdom of Earth” is a commission of Worm, Rotterdam.

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